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Flooded Cars From Early Summer Rains Start to Flood Car Lots
When mother nature slams an area with flooding, auto dealerships and consumers face a flood of heavily damaged vehicles. After extended rains that drenched Central Texas and much of the country this summer, it?s time to be on the lookout for flood... [from DJ Products ╗ Blog]
Hospitals Struggle to Find the Right Match for Management Staffing
We?ve all heard inspiring tales of a CEO who began his or her career at the lowest levels of the company ? as a dishwasher, night stocker, or hospital orderly. Today?s employment makes such bottom-to-top ascension more of a rarity. However, busine... [from DJ Products ╗ Blog]
What New Material Handling Innovations Were Showcased at ProMat in Chicago?
As anticipated, ProMat 2015 unveiled a wide variety of exciting new tools and solutions for warehouse efficiency. Chicago hosted the annual convention recently, and leaders in the material handling industry learned about innovative new products an... [from DJ Products ╗ Blog]
RV Industry Predicts Strong Boosts in Production for 2016
A variety of trends are coming together to push the RV industry to new heights. Production of motor homes, travel trailers, and fifth wheels has increased and may set new records in 2016 and beyond. For auto dealerships and related companies, this... [from DJ Products ╗ Blog]
Hotels Embrace the New Concept of ?Lifestyle? in Marketing
Hospitality leaders agree: lifestyle hotels are more than a passing fad. The new norm focuses on guest experience and upscale communal features like critically acclaimed restaurants and WiFi friendly lobby seating. Travelers want their hotel to be... [from DJ Products ╗ Blog]
US Navy Signs on the Dotted Line on $4.3 Billion Aircraft Carrier Deal
To the shock of some financial observers, the U.S. Navy has agreed to terms for a second Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carrier from Huntington Ingalls. The contractor is the Navy?s only source for nuclear-powered carriers. The construction of the ... [from DJ Products ╗ Blog]
Emergency Landing at Philadelphia Airport Takes Center Stage
A problem with the landing gear of a corporate jet that was bound for Mexico resulted in flight delays for thousands of people flying into and out of Philadelphia International Airport. Speaking for the airport, Diane Gerace said the jet was a Haw... [from DJ Products ╗ Blog]
Property Managers: Recycling ? Does It Still Pay?
When given an opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint, reduce pollution, and help the environment, people are eager to participate. For individuals, the practice does not have to be the most cost-effective or convenient. However, with innovat... [from DJ Products ╗ Blog]
How Could YOU Use the Wagon Caddy Tow Tractor?
Of course an electric cart mover would benefit your warehouse by speeding up material handling ?ábut it can also bring fundamental improvements to the way you operate. With our Wagon Caddy tow tractor, more of your employees can handle heavy loads... [from DJ Products ╗ Blog]
How Could YOU Use the Wagon Caddy Tow Tractor?
Of course an electric cart mover would benefit your warehouse by speeding up material handling ?ábut it can also bring fundamental improvements to the way you operate. With our Wagon Caddy tow tractor, more of your employees can handle heavy loads... [from DJ Products ╗ Blog]

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Compact walk-behind cart movers and power movers that eliminate the strains and pains of manually pushing or pulling heavy carts and wheeled equipment using Cart Movers, Trailer Movers, and Powered Carts

Cart PullersTuggers Battery powered carts For the Manufacturing
and Distribution Industry

We provide cart movers for pushing heavy window, door, lumber and glass carts for manufacturing industries: power movers and powered carts for maintenance departments; doe trough and pan carts power movers for bakeries; cart movers for pulling kitting carts to the production line in an automotive facility; and power movers for pushing heavy buses, cars and trucks down an assembly line. We also have trailer movers for pulling and pushing trailers and other wheeled equipment. Read more about our manufacturing industry solutions.



tugs Electric Carts Electric Cart Pullers
For Hospital & Hospitality Environments

We provide motorized cart movers and pushers for the distribution of dirty and clean linen carts, as well as food, waste, and garbage carts in hospitals, We also have motorized and powered carts for hauling materials and equipment throughout a hospital or hotel. Our powered carts and power movers can be customized with different beds, shelf's and cages, as well as a scissors lift table. Read more about our hospital and hospitality industry solutions.

Cart Pullers & RetrieversCart Pushers & Retrievers Shopping Cart Retrievers
For Grocery and Retail Environments

We provide cart retrievers for pushing and pulling shopping carts from the parking lot to the front of the grocery store. Read more about our shopping cart pushers and shopping cart pullers.


Trailer MoversPower Movers Car, Trailer, & Vehicle Pushers
For Auto Service Centers and
Car Assembly Facilities

We provide a car pusher for pushing a stalled vehicle at a service station, and truck and bus pushers for pushing heavy trucks along a production line. We also provide trailer movers for companies that need to pull trailers and wheeled machinery through an assembly line using a trailer mover. As well as utility and equipment trailers in the vehicle maintenance department on a military base. Read more about our vehicle pushing and a trailer movers solution.

aircraft tug

Aircraft Tugs & Helicopter Tugs

We provide a walk behind tug designed for one person to safely and easily maneuver aircraft and helicopters in tightly stacked hangars or staging on a ramp. The aircraft tug can easily push and pull iairplanes up to 35,000 lbs in a hangar, airport, or FBO. The helicopter tug will push, pull and tow helicopters up to 15,000 lbs for ground handling towing applications.

helicopter tug
DJProducts, Inc. is a world leader in solving ergonomic wheeled cart handling applications with solutions that eliminate the strains and pains of manually pushing heavy carts and wheeled equipment. More common applications include pushing a heavy window with power movers, glass, lumber & door racks with cart movers, to moving cumbersome beds and linen carts in hospitals with powered tugs and tuggers, to pushing a bus, trailer, and car down an assembly line with trailer movers, and delivering parts or input materials to manufacturing cells with one of our motorized carts. One of our many different battery power movers have the power and custom attachments to solve virtually all material handling applications. While other walk behind tugs and tuggers are designed as a "one size fits all" product, our powered carts solutions are custom configured and designed for each individual application, with maneuverability, ergonomics, productivity, ease of use, and space constraints in mind. Please call or email us with any type of rolling carts or equipment application and our sales engineers will help you solve it. Also inquiry on our FREE DEMO PROGRAM.

Trailer Movers

TrailerCaddy Trailer Movers
Can push, pull, or maneuver boat  and equipment trailers, as well as RV's up to 20,000 lbs.
  WagonCaddy Powered Trucks
Our WagonCaddy powered carts can haul up to 4000 lbs. Customize it to any shape and size.
  CartCaddyLite Tugs
These CartCaddyLite tugs and tuggers can push or pull up to 1,000 lbs. Works great in tight, narrow hallways, and elevators generally found in hospitals.
Powered Trucks Tugs