Low Profits may leave some Airlines in Aviation Industry Struggling to stay in the Air

It’s not only major companies like Air Canada and Air France (who both reported losses last quarter), that are suffering, pretty much every company in the aviation industry is feeling the pinch. Airlines are having to up the costs of many amenities like: checked bags, in-flight drinks and blankets to try and make up for the lack of people taking to the air.

Smaller operations are also experiencing difficulties because of a lack of funding for the necessary personnel to perform the jobs that are crucial to flight preparation. Without the proper aircraft ground equipment to align the planes on the runway for take off or to store planes in the hanger upon arrival, the job becomes both exceedingly difficult and quite a bit more expensive to perform.

Outdated machines are cumbersome much more difficult to operate and use up gallon after gallon of costly fuel during operation. Running aircraft tractors that aren’t easy to operate or economical has a very large effect on a company’s budget and can quickly turn a profitable part of your business into a financial liability.

Aircraft tractors from Lindbergh Aircraft Tug Co. are energy efficient, easy to use and run quietly enough for the operator to remain mindful of his or her surroundings while using them. Lindbergh Aircraft Tug Co. aircraft tractors are also ergonomically correct, making them some of the safest aircraft tractors for your employees to use.

One of the best ways to bring down costs in the aviation industry is to use aircraft ground equipment that is efficient, reliable and safe for anyone on your staff to use. You’ll know longer waste man hours by having several members of your staff occupied by the work that could be handled by one with the proper tool for the job. Lindbergh Aircraft Tug Co. aircraft tractors can handle aircraft up to 35,000 lbs quickly and easily at a cost of much less to operate than older gas powered tractors.

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