Airlines Add Flights Nationwide to Accommodate Super Bowl Travelers

The major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas often get billed as the biggest travel times of the year, but Super Bowl weekend certainly packs a punch in the travel department as well.  In order to help all of those eager football fans get to and from the big game many major airlines have added flights into Dallas starting February 4th and returning on the 7th, the day after the Super Bowl.

A number of airlines are making efforts to appease the hometown fans of the teams involved in the Super Bowl as well.  Several additional roundtrip packages are being offered from Pittsburgh, Green Bay, Madison and Milwaukee for fans that’ve scored tickets to see their team vie for the NFL Championship.

Adding dozens of flights that will accommodate thousands of passengers is a fantastic way to ensure that all the fans who want to experience Super Bowl weekend will be able to get there.  Airlines need to take care that all of the appropriate preparations are made on the ground to be able to accommodate all of those additional flights and passengers if this week is to be a success though. 

Baggage and aircraft towing equipment must all be completely operational and totally reliable in order to prevent delays that could make this hectic travel weekend a headache for travelers.  No one likes their flight to be diverted or delayed due to preventable problems occurring on the ground. 

Airports will see a big boost in traffic, particularly those in Dallas, should thoroughly inspect all ground and aircraft towing equipment prior to the addition flights coming in.  It would be much wiser to make repairs, perform maintenance or even upgrade to new aircraft towing equipment now rather than risking major delays on such a big airport traffic day.

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