Rough Winter Weather Causes More Delays

Another series of winter weather storms has wreaked havoc with flight patterns all over the country.  Illinois saw heavy snow that caused cancellations at both Midway Airport and O’Hare International and Pennsylvania was pelted with ice, making travel from Philadelphia International a complete mess.  Even the state of Texas, the site of this weekend’s Super Bowl, suffered bouts of inclement weather that had Dallas/Fort Worth International workers hustling to clear runways.

All winter long, cities that are generally accustomed to seeing snowy conditions have been battered with more rough weather than expected, leading to a multitude of flight delays and cancellations.  What’s been even more surprising though, is that areas of the country that normally don’t see a whole lot of snow, like Georgia and Tennessee, are also getting pounded with winter storms.

O’Hare and Philadelphia International are in areas that tend to see a lot of snow, ice and frigid temperatures.  These airports may suffer some delays in the midst of particularly rough bouts of weather, but they have the experience and ground equipment necessary to minimize delays caused by winter weather.  When an airport in an area not accustomed to seeing a lot of snow gets hit with a nasty storm it can cause a serious inconvenience and major delays for travelers.

Upgrading to ground equipment that is capable of handling snowy and icy conditions can be beneficial to any airport, even those that traditionally don’t get a great deal of snow.  The aircraft ground equipment from Lindy is reliable, quiet and easy to use regardless of weather conditions which makes it an ideal choice for just about any area of the country. 

Preparation is key to avoiding delays when the weather takes a turn for the worse.  Having plenty of de-icer, functional snow removal and versatile ground equipment can go a long way toward minimizing flight cancellations in the event of inclement weather.