Winter Safety Awards Presented

The annual Balchen/Post Awards were presented April 20th to airports who’s snow removal crews performed exceptionally well during the 2010-2011 winter season.  This year saw some particularly harsh winter weather conditions so the crews that took home the honors this year most certainly earned the coveted awards.

LaGuardia and Boston Logan took top honors among large commercial airports with Chicago O’Hare International getting an honorable mention.  These areas of the country were pounded with heavy snow storm after heavy snow storm and the crews responsible for snow removal worked diligently to ensure timely restoration of airport activity.

A huge part of coping with the inclement weather that is common to the northeast lies in being prepared with the most appropriate equipment and the proper training to handle the situation.  Crews that have access to the proper snow removal equipment, ice melting supplies and airplane tugs that can operate in unfavorable conditions will have the best chance of adequately dealing with storms.

The battery powered airplane tugs from Lindbergh Aircraft Tug Company are built to handle the rain, snow and ice making them a perfect choice for any airport in an area that deals with those conditions.  By having reliable plows to clear runways and the airplane tugs capable of stationing airplanes at gates in foul weather, crews can ensure that operations will resume as soon as conditions in the air allow.

Weather conditions like those seen during the 2010-2011 winter season will certainly cause delays and cancellations.  Having the most reliable snow removal equipment and airplane tugs will help to ensure that those potential delays are minimized and that flights will resume as soon as the weather poses no threat.

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