Ground Equipment Upgrades are a Smart Investment of Grant Money

Four regional airports throughout Massachusetts have been scheduled to receive close to two million dollars in federal grant money from the United States Department of Transportation.  Though each airport has slightly different plans for how they will invest their share of the grant improving overall safety and preserving the surrounding environment seem to be top priorities.

An affordable investment that seems to make perfect sense for the desires expressed by each airport would be an upgrade to battery powered ground equipment.  The ground equipment from Lindbergh Aircraft Tug Company is easy to use and ergonomically designed to provide ground crew members with a safe and convenient way to transport jets. 

The battery powered ground equipment doesn’t create the same loud and distracting noise that combustion engine tugs do during operation.  The quiet operation of the battery powered ground equipment allows ground crew members to stay constantly aware of their surroundings which creates a much safer airport environment overall. 

The silent operation of the battery powered ground equipment can also help to drastically cut down on the noise pollution emitted by everyday airport operations.  Using battery powered ground equipment to conduct all ground movement of aircraft allows airports to keep jet engines turned off.  This creates a much quieter and friendlier atmosphere for neighbors and wildlife in close proximity to the airport.

There are a number of improvements that a small, regional airport can make with several hundred thousand dollars.  Few of those improvements will have as large or immediate of an impact as upgrading to battery powered ground equipment could though.  An upgrade to battery powered ground equipment will instantly make a small airport safer and more efficient and reduce operational costs by decreasing the dependence on fossil fuels.

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