Some Tax Benefits for Aircraft Purchases are Being Reduced

For anyone considering purchasing an airplane in the near future, the time is now. The tax incentives that have helped the aircraft manufacturing and sales companies are being reduced after December 31, 2011. There was a 100% depreciation being offered up to that day but it will be reduced to 50% in 2012. You are at present allowed to deduct operating expenses and 100 % of the purchase price on your corporate taxes. 

Some manufacturers are going so far as to offer special sales in accordance with Black Friday to help consumers take advantage of the tax breaks before the year’s end. The sales are bringing into focus how the pullback on the tax incentive program may harm the industry after the end of the year.

There is another item that can be purchased to go along with these planes that should also be a deductible expense – a battery powered aircraft tug from Lindbergh. The purchaser of one of these planes could have the tug available for all ground movement of their new plane. These tugs can easily and smoothly move the aircraft from hangar to tarmac which can be a big help in paring down fuel expenses.

The corporate jet owner purchases this aircraft to help his company’s bottom line by making quick flights possible and decreasing the time it takes to do business. Shutting down the engines after landing and then having all movement conducted with a battery powered Lindbergh tug also saves time and money. The plane is placed in the hangar quickly and with no engine running there is the inevitable saving on fuel.

The battery powered tugs from Lindy are also good for the ground employees who are in charge of moving the planes.  The smooth operation and ultra quiet motor of Lindbergh tugs helps create a much safer and more pleasant working environment for ground crew employees.

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