The Pros and Cons of Buying a Very Light Jet

The very light jet, or VLJ, is one of the latest innovations in the aviation industry. It is defined by the National Business Aviation Association as a single-pilot jet with a weight of 10,000 pounds or less. Typically, a VLJ has a seating capacity of five or six passengers, an automated cockpit, and two engines. [...]

New Airplane Tugs Reduce Carbon Emissions

With traditional equipment and traditional procedures, day to day airport operations can really take a toll on the environment. In an attempt to make operations friendlier to their surroundings many airports are actively taking steps to reduce the amount of emissions they produce through a wide variety of strategies. A simple, effective and affordable strategy [...]

U.S. Airlines Providing a Higher Level of Safety

Since the advent of the Jet Age in the 1950s, airlines in the United States have been providing safer air travel. Between July, 1994 and January, 1997, an airliner crash occurred at least once every 3 months, taking the lives of 805 people altogether. It has been about a decade since passengers have been killed [...]