Washington DC’s No Fly Zone Impacts Small Aircraft

Ever since the terrorist attacks of September 11, there is a “zero tolerance” policy for any aircraft that flies into the No Fly Zone over Washington DC.

Unfortunately, because of equipment malfunctions, there are times when small aircraft might venture into the restricted, No Fly Zone. The United States Military has set up a protocol for dealing with such a violation in order to maintain the safety of the nation’s Capital.

Preliminary Contact

Upon approach, air traffic control, who is monitoring the area, will make an attempt to contact the pilot and issue a warning. Pilots who are approaching the No Fly Zone usually turn away at this point and no further action is necessary.

Military Airfield Notification

In the event that the pilot does not respond, once the plane crosses into restricted airspace, and the closest military airfield is notified and fighter aircraft are dispatched. They will approach the plane in violation and attempt contact. Military personnel will become increasingly aggressive, until the plane is rerouted or it becomes obvious that the pilot has no intentions of following orders.

Military Intervention

Once military personnel have determined, based on the type of small aircraft and the location of the airspace, that the situation is dangerous, they may be called on to fire on the aircraft.

It is important for all small aircraft to maintain working equipment on board the plane and always follow all orders from any air traffic control or military personnel. The U.S. Military has been charged with protecting the No Fly Zone and will follow protocol to ensure safety for the Capital as well as all citizens.

Make sure your plane and your passengers stay safe before you use your Lindy AirTug to get to the runway by checking out these important details if you are traveling to the Washington DC area.

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