Why Use a Private Jet Broker

Purchasing a private jet is a big investment, and you have to make sure that you do not make the wrong choice. If you are unsure which private jet is most suitable for you, it may be a good idea to engage the service of a private jet broker.

Hiring a jet broker will [...]

Now is the Best Time to Buy Used Private Jets

Used private jets were once considered a very secure and reliable investment, but their values have plummeted drastically in recent years. According to a New York Post article, the values of pre-owned private jets have gone down by close to 50% due to a lack of demand.

Dan Jennings, the CEO of aircraft broker The [...]

Aircraft Tug Enables You to Operate on Your Own Schedule

Owning an aircraft makes it possible for you to travel according to your own schedule. You can fly to your desired destinations whenever you want because you do not have to plan your travel schedules according to the availability of commercial flights. However, there are certain factors that may affect the efficiency of your flights, [...]

Marketing Strategies for Your FBO Business

A fixed based operator, or FBO, provides a wide range of aviation services for aircraft owners and pilots, including fueling, maintenance, and repairs. If you want to make your FBO business more successful, you have to know how to use the right marketing strategies to gain more customers.

1) Create marketing materials – Create business [...]

Benefits of Joining the NBAA

Joining the National Business Aviation Association, or NBAA, is beneficial to any company that uses private air travel. This organization is dedicated to creating and preserving an ideal environment for the advancement of business aviation in the United States and around the world.

Established in 1947, the NBAA is the premier organization providing assistance to [...]

Things to Consider When Getting Financing for a Private Aircraft

Financing is an important aspect of the process of acquiring a private aircraft, because it has a significant impact on the overall cost of ownership. Before you start searching for a lender, it is essential that you know exactly what kind of aircraft loan is most suitable for you. Here are some questions that can [...]

How to Get Better Aircraft Insurance Rates

Aircraft insurance is a necessary expense, and it makes up a significant portion of the total cost of owning an aircraft. The amount of premium you pay can vary greatly, mainly depending on what type of aircraft you own and how much risk the insurer has to take. Whether you are expected to pay a [...]

Is Your Fractional Jet Service Provider Charging Too Much for Fuel Surcharges?

It is not uncommon to find errors in fuel surcharges on private jet invoices, and these errors can set you back hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Since fuel prices fluctuate constantly, it can be difficult for you to know whether the fuel surcharges for your fractional jet share are accurate. You can find out [...]

Tips for Purchasing Airport Ground Equipment Online

Whether you are running an FBO or airport, you need to have the necessary equipment to provide efficient and safe ground support. Certain types of airport ground support equipment and supplies can be very costly, and they can affect the profitability of your airport or FBO significantly. One way to cut down on your expenses [...]

Stockton Airport Breaks Record for Passengers Again

The Modesto Bee reported November 26 that Stockton Metropolitan Airport has experienced another big increase in passengers. The month of October saw an increase of about 50 % over last year. The increased ridership is due in part to an adding of flights to Palm Springs that are very popular. It’s easy to see why [...]