Plane Pull Raises Money for a Good Cause

Do you think you have what it takes to pull an airplane? At Lindbergh, we manufacture aircraft tows and tugs that one person can use to pull a small plane, but we can’t imagine one person trying to pull an Airbus.

Each year The Dulles Day Festival & Plane Pull® is an event that raises money for Special Olympics Virginia. The first plane pull was held in 1993, and since then, other states have held their own plane pulls. Teams raise money to participate and then compete to see which team can pull an Airbus 12 in a kind of tug-of-war. If you aren’t aware, an Airbus 12 weighs around 164,000 pounds, so this is not a task to be taken lightly.

This kind of plane-pulling, a team effort to raise money for charity is something we can get behind because normally, we’d be concerned about people pulling planes or helicopters using their own strength. We design aircraft tows that allow one person to tow a small aircraft without worrying about pain and strain. Plus, the quietness of our electric motor allows the operator to safely manipulate their airplane without loud, aggravating, unsafe noise.

There is no tug-of-war with a Lindy aircraft tug—it is made to push, pull, and maneuver aircraft up to 15,000 lbs. in an airport, FBO or hangar. An operator will not need a team of people and can feel assured that once the nose wheel of the aircraft is loaded into the cradle, he or she will not have to go back and forth but can proceed right to where he or she wants to go.

Pilot Makes Emergency Landing on Florida Highway

For many, the thrill of flight is just part of an airplane ride; there is also a certain thrill one feels when landing safely, even if that safe landing is in an unexpected place.

A Florida ABC News station reported that a pilot needed to find a way to land in an emergency and the most adequate spot nearby was a highway in South Florida. When you consider all of the other places the pilot might have been near when there was a need to make an emergency landing, a highway might actually been a decent place.

The plane and taken off earlier from the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport with plans to complete a training exercise. At the time of the landing, northbound lanes of the highway were shut down while crews removed the aircraft from the highway. We don’t know just how they removed the aircraft but we can tell you that Lindy Air Tugs has products to make a job like that go smoothly. We imagine that time was of the essence in removing the aircraft since they were on a highway that is usually where cars would travel.

We provide a walk behind tug designed for one person to safely and easily maneuver aircraft and helicopters in tightly stacked hangars or staging on a ramp. The aircraft tow can easily push and pull airplanes up to 35,000 lbs. in a hangar, airport, or FBO. Or, should a traffic helicopter need to make an emergency highway landing, our helicopter tug will push, pull and tow helicopters up to 15,000 lbs. for ground handling towing applications.

Traveling by Private Jet During Peak Seasons

Whether you are flying in your own private jet or chartering an airplane, it can be difficult to travel during peak seasons. However, there are a number of things that you can do to ensure that your trip will be smooth and hassle-free.

Plan Ahead

To get the flight or landing slot you want, you should make reservations at least a month or two before your trip. If you are traveling to a popular destination, you may have to book a few months in advance.

Choose Alternative Airports or FBOs

The landing slots in airports and FBOs fill up fast during peak seasons. If your preferred airport or FBO does not have any slot available, you can try landing in another airport that is located nearby. Airports and FBOs that are less popular among air travelers usually have landing slots available during peak seasons, and they may offer better value than larger facilities.

Be Flexible

If you can be flexible with your travel date, airport or FBO, or jet model, there is a higher chance that you will get to your destination on time. Changing your travel date may help you secure a landing slot in your preferred place of arrival, while changing the airport or jet model can make your trip more manageable.

Delays and accidents happen more frequently during peak travel seasons. Aircraft owners, airports, and FBOs can avoid accidents and delays by using aircraft tugs to move airplanes on the ground. Airplane tow tugs make the task of moving aircrafts a lot easier and more efficient, and they can also help reduce fuel and labor costs.