Plane Pull Raises Money for a Good Cause

Do you think you have what it takes to pull an airplane? At Lindbergh, we manufacture aircraft tows and tugs that one person can use to pull a small plane, but we can’t imagine one person trying to pull an Airbus.

Each year The Dulles Day Festival & Plane Pull® is an event that raises [...]

Pilot Makes Emergency Landing on Florida Highway

For many, the thrill of flight is just part of an airplane ride; there is also a certain thrill one feels when landing safely, even if that safe landing is in an unexpected place.

A Florida ABC News station reported that a pilot needed to find a way to land in an emergency and the [...]

Traveling by Private Jet During Peak Seasons

Whether you are flying in your own private jet or chartering an airplane, it can be difficult to travel during peak seasons. However, there are a number of things that you can do to ensure that your trip will be smooth and hassle-free.

Plan Ahead

To get the flight or landing slot you want, you [...]

Stockton Airport Breaks Record for Passengers Again

The Modesto Bee reported November 26 that Stockton Metropolitan Airport has experienced another big increase in passengers. The month of October saw an increase of about 50 % over last year. The increased ridership is due in part to an adding of flights to Palm Springs that are very popular. It’s easy to see why [...]

Pennsylvania Airports Receive Grants

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has announced that a grant of approximately four million dollars will be divided among 18 airports in the state. The selected airports will use the grant money for a variety of different necessary repairs and upgrades. Some airports will focus on energy efficient upgrades that will help reduce operational costs [...]

New Aircraft Tow Tugs Improve Efficiency

The cost of jet fuel has become one of the primary concerns for many busy airports. Dramatic increases in the cost of jet fuel can have a major impact on the cost of daily operations in an airport. This can force an airport to either raise prices to help offset cost or fight to find [...]

Improving Customer Service with New Aircraft Tow Tugs

Airlines need to consistently provide the best possible customer service if they want to stay successful in the highly competitive aviation industry. Flights need to consistently be on time, ticket prices must be at or below that of the competition and unnecessary delays must be kept to a minimum.

This may sound like a difficult [...]

Keeping Up with the Competition with New Aircraft Tow Tugs

In the face of ever fluctuating fuel costs many airlines are doing everything that they can in order to keep ticket prices level. Some airlines are looking to lighten the loads that they carry by eliminating equipment and others have made the switch to battery powered aircraft tow tugs to reduce costs.

One of the [...]

New Aircraft Tow Tugs Make Travel More Convenient

Speed, convenience and price are three of the biggest factors that determine success in the aviation industry. If an airline is affordable, reliable and operates with few complications they have a very good chance of seeing customers return for their future travels. While some upgrades will effectively address one or two of these issues many [...]

New Aircraft Tow Tugs Reduce Costs

Many airlines actively pursue methods of reducing costs in order to maintain profitability without aggravating or alienating customers with regular price increases. Unfortunately many of the best methods of reducing costs require a large investment that would take time to recoup before any savings are realized. This is precisely why some airlines have begun upgrading [...]