Major Renovation Project on Hold – Aircraft Tow Tugs Can Help

An eight million dollar runway renovation project planned for the Fort Collins-Loveland Municipal Airport in Colorado that was the contracts were expected to have been signed for this Summer is now on hold due to lack of funding. Nearly all of the money was to come from the FAA, but Congress’ failure to approve continued [...]

Using Helicopter Tugs for a Different Type of Rescue

We’re all accustomed to seeing the dramatic water rescues or medical choppers transporting patients after serious accidents on the news. We’ve also all seen the helicopters hovering over the roads clogged with cars reporting the details of local traffic jams, but in Southern British Columbia right now there is a much different reason for that [...]

Aircraft Tractors Help With More Green Innovations

Part of a one billion + dollar renovation project of the San Jose International airport has been completed. The installation of a roof mounted solar electric system on the new parking garage and rental car center is estimated to have a big impact environmentally in additional to saving the airport money in the long run. [...]

Myrtle Beach Airport Set for Expansion

The amount of business being done at Myrtle Beach International Airport certainly merits more space – and after a pretty long wait for approval, they are finally going to get it. Groundbreaking on the new and improved terminal is slated to begin right around the busiest time of the flying year – which could be [...]

Flying Aircraft With Frontier Just Got a Bit More Interesting

Frontier Airline announced last week that they will now allow small pets to fly in the cabin with their owners, provided that they meet the requirements and have the appropriate health documentation. Pets eligible for in cabin travel will include small dogs, cats, rabbits and small birds and these furry or feathered travelers will have [...]

More News on the Green Front – Aircraft Tractors

The EPA recently recognized the monumental efforts of the Dallas Fort Worth Airport in doing what they can to protect the environment. DFW is making a difference by purchasing sixty million kilowatt hours from the green power source Champion Energy Services. This amount of power represents about twenty percent of their electricity needs.

This is [...]

Disruption of Volcanic Proportions

Over the course of the winter we saw massive delays and cancellations throughout all of the Northeastern US due to record breaking snowfall and frigid weather conditions. Last week a very different variety of natural occurrence wreaked havoc with airspace and caused the cancellation of hundreds of flights throughout the UK and many other parts [...]

Making the Grade with Lindbergh Aircraft Towing Equipment

FAA airport inspections are underway, and the Nashville International Airport managed to net a perfect score on their inspection. The FAA inspections includes inspection or airport records of incidents, actions that were taken and goes over reports of in hose inspections and examines the airport’s overall compliance with safety regulations in virtually all areas of [...]

Pennsylvania Airports are the Latest to Receive Grants for Repairs

Nearly fourteen million dollars in state and federal grants will be divided among 32 Pennsylvania airports for necessary repairs, upgrades and safety enhancement. The different plans for the funds vary from equipment upgrades to runway repairs and just about everything in between.

Aviation is a huge industry in the state of Pennsylvania, but many of [...]

Safety is more than just a blip on the Radar – Improve Safety with Aircraft Tugs

The FAA has announced that the Air Traffic Organization will now be operating under and monitored by a Safety Management System which will allow for the closer monitoring of equipment and procedures in the aviation industry.

This new system, which could be in full swing by the end of 2010, will analyze and possibly effect [...]