Much Needed Upgrade to Airport Fire Station Complete

It took nearly four million dollars in government stimulus funds and almost a year of hard work to complete, but the brand new 20,000+ square foot fire station at the Piedmont Triad International Airport is all but ready for action. The new, state of the art facility is replacing the much smaller fire station that [...]

Rescue Missions require quick Action

Helicopters are one tool that is indispensable to police and medical personnel in the event of an emergency. Though they aren’t necessarily needed whenever an accident occurs, in the event of a serious accident, a quick responding helicopter may mean the difference between life and death for the critically injured.

In watching the news, you’ve [...]

Lindy’s Aircraft Tug Maneuvers Tail Dragger Aircraft With Ease

Versatile Lindy’s Aircraft Tugs maneuver tail dragger aircraft with the same precision and ease that they move tricycle landing gear aircraft. With Lindy’s aircraft tugs and aircraft tractors, maneuvering tail dragger aircraft in and out of crowded hangers or around busy FBO facilities is a one-person job. The same aircraft tug can be used to [...]