Lindbergh Air Tug Serves the Global Marketplace

Our company’s namesake, Charles Lindbergh, made headlines in 1927 with his non-stop transcontinental flight from New York City to Paris. Thanks to that heroic achievement, he became a worldwide symbol of the pioneering spirit in aviation. Today it’s only fitting that our Lindy air tug has a global presence in airports and FBOs around the world.

We are based in Little Falls, MN, Lindbergh’s childhood home, and our tugs, tows and tractors can be found in use throughout the United States. Our products are also available through distributors in such exotic places as India, South Africa, Turkey and Thailand. They’re powerful enough to operate efficiently across any type of terrain in good and bad weather conditions.

There’s a style of Lindy tug that can accommodate your particular application, even for aircraft up to 35,000 pounds. The smooth acceleration and braking systems on the battery-powered motors make the job easy enough for one person to handle. Tugs are ergonomically designed with features such as variable speed twist grips to reduce the possibility of repetitive stress injuries and other mishaps.

Lindy also follows in the footsteps of DJ Products, our parent company. They’re the world leader in providing battery-powered tugs for a variety of applications including manufacturing, hospital and retail. DJ Products offers solutions that are smaller, easier to maneuver and more cost-effective than traditional equipment such as forklifts.

Whatever your location, Lindy has a power tug that can fit your needs. Please call 888.631.5011 for help from our friendly Sales Engineers. If you prefer, use our convenient online chat feature for immediate assistance.

More Construction at Indianapolis International Airport

Even after nearly one billion dollars of necessary upgrades, the work at Indianapolis International still isn’t quite complete.  Underway now is the resurrection of an additional facility of about forty thousand square feet that is slated to be complete and ready for use in August.  The new building’s main purpose will be to house extra large or unusual pieces of cargo prior to being loaded on aircraft.

Businesses or individuals who need to transport large office or household items, various vehicles or large pets will be able to drop off or make pick ups at the new facility, which will most likely make this phase of travel easier and more convenient for the customers and the airport staff.

Having separate storage for these special and unusual pieces of cargo should certainly help to speed up the process of check in as well as claims, so even though the surrounding residents and customers of the busy international airport are eager for construction to be complete it’s likely that all who frequent the airport will be thankful for the new facility.

The new building will also house maintenance equipment, aircraft tugs, baggage carts and loaders which should help to increase the overall efficiency of the airport.  Moving critical service and maintenance equipment into a bigger and newer facility where it will be more accessible will allow the crew to station planes on the runway and get them loaded and ready for takeoff faster – this means fewer delays and ultimately more on time flights.

Though construction upgrades can cause some minor headaches and delays while the work is occurring, the addition of a well designed facility that has the ability to really increase the efficiency of a high volume airport is almost always a welcome one.

Major Florida Airline Grounded

Contract disputes have left the very popular Spirit Airlines planes on the ground for several days since pilots walked off the job last Saturday. The airline offered full refunds to customers for missed flights and in some cases even offered a bonus in addition to the refund to be used on future flights to remain in the good graces of their loyal customer base.

Spirit has had a major taste of success in recent years and certainly doesn’t want to go back to the days where they were struggling to make ends meet financially.  Over the course of the last few years, Spirit has become one of the most popular airlines in Florida, but this lapse in service may do plenty of harm if it isn’t handled properly.

Many customers of the aviation industry need accurate and quality service from the airline they fly with.  Critical appointments and connecting flights can’t be missed and cancellations can in some case be unforgivable – aviation is a service industry and in order to be successful, that service must be as close to perfect as possible.

If all of the cylinders of an aviation operation aren’t firing at the same time, it can spell disaster for even the most popular airline.  Pilots, air crew, ground crew and equipment all need to be fully functional and reliable in order to build or maintain the necessary reputation.  Failure on any level, aside from an uncontrollable act of God, will draw criticism that can hurt business – that goes for labor disputes, mechanical problems or equipment failure.

If Spirit hopes to save and maintain the level of success that they’ve worked so hard for these last few years since setting up shop in Miramar a little over a decade ago, they need to resolve this contract issue as quickly as possible and resume their normal flight schedule.  A successful airline needs a quick acting and courteous crew; a clean and properly maintained fleet of aircraft and safe, reliable and easy to use aircraft tugs to get the planes on the runways for on time take offs – trying to function with anything less than that is impossible.