Lindbergh Air Tug Serves the Global Marketplace

Our company’s namesake, Charles Lindbergh, made headlines in 1927 with his non-stop transcontinental flight from New York City to Paris. Thanks to that heroic achievement, he became a worldwide symbol of the pioneering spirit in aviation. Today it’s only fitting that our Lindy air tug has a global presence in airports and FBOs [...]

More Construction at Indianapolis International Airport

Even after nearly one billion dollars of necessary upgrades, the work at Indianapolis International still isn’t quite complete. Underway now is the resurrection of an additional facility of about forty thousand square feet that is slated to be complete and ready for use in August. The new building’s main purpose will be to house extra [...]

Major Florida Airline Grounded

Contract disputes have left the very popular Spirit Airlines planes on the ground for several days since pilots walked off the job last Saturday. The airline offered full refunds to customers for missed flights and in some cases even offered a bonus in addition to the refund to be used on future flights to remain [...]

Much Needed Upgrade to Airport Fire Station Complete

It took nearly four million dollars in government stimulus funds and almost a year of hard work to complete, but the brand new 20,000+ square foot fire station at the Piedmont Triad International Airport is all but ready for action. The new, state of the art facility is replacing the much smaller fire station that [...]

Major Renovation Project on Hold – Aircraft Tow Tugs Can Help

An eight million dollar runway renovation project planned for the Fort Collins-Loveland Municipal Airport in Colorado that was the contracts were expected to have been signed for this Summer is now on hold due to lack of funding. Nearly all of the money was to come from the FAA, but Congress’ failure to approve continued [...]

Using Helicopter Tugs for a Different Type of Rescue

We’re all accustomed to seeing the dramatic water rescues or medical choppers transporting patients after serious accidents on the news. We’ve also all seen the helicopters hovering over the roads clogged with cars reporting the details of local traffic jams, but in Southern British Columbia right now there is a much different reason for that [...]

Aircraft Tugs May Help Brantley County Airport

The Brantley County Airport has been closed for about seventeen months awaiting a new contractor to finish much need upgrades following a default by the original contractor. The airport closed down when construction began in January of 2009, but following the death of one of the principal owner’s of the contractor performing the runway and [...]

Flying Aircraft With Frontier Just Got a Bit More Interesting

Frontier Airline announced last week that they will now allow small pets to fly in the cabin with their owners, provided that they meet the requirements and have the appropriate health documentation. Pets eligible for in cabin travel will include small dogs, cats, rabbits and small birds and these furry or feathered travelers will have [...]

Slow and Steady Increases in World Trade Lead to Plans for New Building by JFK

JFK Airport is one of the largest in the nation for shipping and receiving freight and due to that fact; there is never a lack of desire for the property surrounding the international airport. Though there isn’t an overwhelming amount of land surrounding the airport for building, and there has been no plan for new [...]

New Musical “Take Flight” Gives a Glimpse into History of Aviation

The entertainment industry second attempt at capturing the world of aviation is getting a much better reception than it’s first – where “Fly Girls” disappointed virtually all critics and caused quite a stir as being sexist and a all but a waste of the viewer’s time, “Take Fly” is triumphant in both depicting the early [...]