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HELICOPTER TUGS : Lindy's HelicopterCaddy

Helicopter Tow: Maneuvers helicopters up to 10,000 lbs

The HelicopterCaddy electric helicopter tugs are designed specifically to push, pull and tow helicopters up to 15,000 lbs for ground handling towing applications . Our lightweight helicopter tugs are designed for towing a Robinson Helicopter by one person on airport tarmac or rough terrain. The helicopter tugs smooth acceleration allows the helicopter dolly to slowly inch under the helicopter tow pin for positioning the lift kit. The Helicopter Caddy tugs lift kit raises the nose of the helicopter for better traction over humps, inclines and slippery conditions. The helicopter tow turns up to 180 degrees under the helicopter for easy maneuvering.

When the helicopter tractors are safely secured to the helicopter tow pin , one operator can easily maneuver the helicopter. Our helicopter tow carts have a smooth acceleration and braking system with forward and reverse 0-3 mph that eliminates jerkiness. The Robinson tow is powered by three 36V 85 amp batteries while the rotor tugs built-in charger makes recharging easy at the end of the day, or any time the helicopter tow cart is not in use.

The helicopter dolly features a heavier frame with non-marking foam filled drive tires allowing the Robinson Tow Cart to maneuver on soft, snow covered surfaces and other rough terrain. Our helicopter tugs work great in harsh weather conditions, such as snow, sleet, or ice, as well as on gravel, dirt, or grass.

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