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Electric Carts for the Hospital and Hospitality Industry

Electric Carts, Battery Powered Tugs, Motorized Cart Pushers, Cart Pullers

If you are looking to motorize a single electric cart pushing process and you don't have multiple carts that tuggers have to interchange with, then our self-propelled battery powered tugs or electric cart pushers are the best fit for you. Our electric carts are used for moving materials, carts, or machinery from one location to another, so workers don't have to manually carry the load or push a wheeled cart. These applications can occur anywhere, from moving linen carts throughout a hospital, to moving supply carts in a hotel, to distributing the company electric coffee machine around the plant. If your carts need constant pushing or pulling from one location to another and cause fatigue to the employee moving the load, then it is a perfect application for one of our electric carts.      

The logistical challenge of repeatedly moving multiple and different heavy wheeled loads can create a significant risk of injury, and moving one cart at a time can be very inefficient. By using a custom attachment, DJ Products delivers solutions that make the task safer and simultaneously increase productivity. We have the most experience in providing solutions that are dependable, safe and cost effective. We have thousands of customers utilizing our battery powered tugs daily. Please read more about a solution below that might help you solve your application, or call our sales engineers to consult about your application and recommend the proper solution, as well as discuss our free on-site demo program.

Cart Tugs Cart Pullers Electric Carts
The CartCaddyLite Battery Powered Tugs can push or pull up to 1,000 lbs.
Our Electric Cart Pushers and Pullers can push or pull carts from 1,000 to 4,000 lbs.
Our Electric Carts haul materials, supplies, and equipment up to 1000 lbs.


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