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Sweep Out the Dirt and Dust from Winter ? Summer Warehouse Cleaning Tips
Even if you run a tight ship, your warehouse needs an occasional deep-clean to get the dust and dirt that accumulates.  A clean warehouse can boost morale, prevent accidents, and even operate more efficiently. As experts in tools for warehouse eff... [from DJ Products » Blog]
Four Tips to Improve Your Warehouse Efficiency
Do you believe you have to implement major changes to improve efficiency in your warehouse? As the saying goes, the devil is in the details. Attention to seemingly minor steps will pay huge dividends in the bottom line. These warehouse management ... [from DJ Products » Blog]
Hiring Seasonal Staff? Find Out What the Feds Say You Should Know
Hiring seasonal staff is beneficial to your business and helps many people by providing them some extra money for holiday expenses or vacations. To avoid problems and ensure the hiring and utilization of your seasonal workforce goes smoothly, keep... [from DJ Products » Blog]
Highlighting the Lindbergh Aircraft Tug For Towing Small Aircraft
Lindbergh Aircraft Tug Anyone who works with small aircraft knows that towing and moving planes can be difficult and taxing without the right equipment. The Lindbergh Aircraft Tug uses advanced technology to produce a simple, one-person solution w... [from DJ Products » Blog]
Three Tips to Keeping Your Warehouse Staff Cool in Summer?s Heat
Heat is a good thing when you’re lying on a beach near some refreshing water, but not so much when you’re working indoors in scorching summer temperatures. With doors frequently opening and closing, relying strictly on air conditioning can be a lo... [from DJ Products » Blog]
Highlighting the Parts Caddy
The daily grind of warehouse work includes a ton of small tasks adding up. A worker may only handle small boxes and items, but the load accrues quickly. The result: heavy carts to push around, with the wrists, shoulders, and lower back feeling the... [from DJ Products » Blog]
What?s Your Warehouse?s Lean Strategy?
Lean strategy may sound like a buzzword for startups, but it?s also a time-tested principle of good warehouse management. If you want to shave off time and streamline processes, you need more than good intentions. You need a strategy that examines... [from DJ Products » Blog]
Powered Boat Dolly:TrailerCaddy
DJ Products, Inc. of Minneapolis, the worlds leader in walk-behind battery powered tugs and powered boat dollies, has introduced a new powered boat dolly for pushing and pulling large boat trailers. The TrailerCaddy powered boat dolly can easily m... [from DJ Products » Blog]
New small electric aircraft tug pulls up to 35,000 lbs.
DJ Products, Inc. is the world?s leader in providing battery-powered carts and a cart tug to the manufacturing, hospital, retail and aircraft industries.  They provide solutions that eliminate the strains and pains associated with manually pushing... [from DJ Products » Blog]
New Motorized Dump Hopper eliminates strains and pains from transporting heav...
DJ Products, Inc. of Minneapolis has introduced a motorized dump hopper that disposes your trash and debris in your facility. The Motorized Dump Hopper eliminates the manual pushing of heavy trash containers and increases the efficiency of the dis... [from DJ Products » Blog]

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Cart Pushers

Shopping cart pusher systems are a labor savings device for gathering and recycling shopping carts. The traditional method of collecting shopping carts in a retail operation consists of hourly employees toiling with hard work, incurring aches and pains, risking possible injury, and they are doing so in weather conditions ranging from 40 below to 110 degrees in rain, sleet, snow, and sun.

The shopping cart pusher job is easily the most disliked job in the store. The cart pusher employee knows there are many other jobs in town that provide better working environments and much less strenuous work at the same wage than the cart pusher job. Until now, the hard work and drudgery is eliminated when using a shopping cart system.

Shopping Cart Pusher

The shopping cart pusher attaches to the back of the line of shopping carts and can push up to 50 shopping cats. The operator attaches the shopping cart pusher to the back of the line of shopping carts, he then stands at the front of the train of carts with one hand steering the line of carts and the other hand using a remote control device that operates the shopping cart system.

The motorized cart pushes the line of shopping carts from behind, following the direction that the operator steers as he guides them from the front. Once he gets to the front of the retail store, he heads back out to the parking lot with the shopping cart mover to collect more carts.
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