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How to Prevent Trash Fires in Your Warehouse Dumpster
Although not common, trash fires in your warehouse dumpster should always be a concern. Greasy oily rags under the right conditions, can spontaneously combust. A cigarette or cigar butt thrown in, can light paper trash or cardboard refuse on fire.... [from DJ Products » Blog]
Worker?s Compensation Tips ? Stay Savvy to Stay Profitable
Warehouse and distribution companies should pay special attention to the trends in workers? compensation and employee healthcare. Risk expert Mark Walls of Property Casualty 360 examines how businesses are minimizing injury risks and keeping emplo... [from DJ Products » Blog]
It?s No Joke, Safety Should Be First in Your Warehouse!
Safety first. This should be the watch word of every industry, regardless of anything else. Your employees should be the most important aspect of your business or industry, and their safety must be paramount above all. At DJ Products, we pride our... [from DJ Products » Blog]
The Condo Owners Guide to Dumpster Safety
Shards of glass, broken furniture, heavy and awkward items ? taking out the trash represents an enormous liability for multi-tenant properties. As a condo owner, you and the condo staff face the risk of injury both from accidents and the physical ... [from DJ Products » Blog]
Looking to Save Money in Your Warehouse? Look for New Packaging Solutions
The shift toward dimensional weight shipping rates has triggered a cascade of changes on warehouse management. Many warehouses are sidestepping the higher rates by using polybags or Tyvek mailers instead of boxes. Along with the potential savings,... [from DJ Products » Blog]
The Property Manager?s Guide to Recycling
Recycling has become one of the key words in this modern world of managing waste removal. The more items that can be recycled, the less garbage that ends up in landfills. That’s a good thing for both the community, as a whole, and the environment.... [from DJ Products » Blog]
History and Popular Trivia of the Forklift
The forklift, as we know it, began life as a powered winch. It was used to hoist heavy objects, and used electrical motors to get the job done. They were compact but specialized, with pulleys and chains for lifting heavy objects. World War II saw ... [from DJ Products » Blog]
Summer Small Aircraft Reminder Guide
Hot weather brings special considerations for flying. Your small aircraft has to contend with hot temperatures on the ground and chilly temperatures at altitude. Be prepared with proper summer maintenance and smart planning for each trip. Tips for... [from DJ Products » Blog]
Summer Fun in the Sky ? But Plan Ahead to Come Back Alive!
This summer make sure to enjoy yourself, and be especially careful when you are out flying. Safety always must come first, and that statement is no truer when it comes to flying your aircraft. Be Safe in the Sky You fly because you love it, and wh... [from DJ Products » Blog]
Flooded Cars From Early Summer Rains Start to Flood Car Lots
When mother nature slams an area with flooding, auto dealerships and consumers face a flood of heavily damaged vehicles. After extended rains that drenched Central Texas and much of the country this summer, it?s time to be on the lookout for flood... [from DJ Products » Blog]

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Cart Pushers

Shopping cart pusher systems are a labor savings device for gathering and recycling shopping carts. The traditional method of collecting shopping carts in a retail operation consists of hourly employees toiling with hard work, incurring aches and pains, risking possible injury, and they are doing so in weather conditions ranging from 40 below to 110 degrees in rain, sleet, snow, and sun.

The shopping cart pusher job is easily the most disliked job in the store. The cart pusher employee knows there are many other jobs in town that provide better working environments and much less strenuous work at the same wage than the cart pusher job. Until now, the hard work and drudgery is eliminated when using a shopping cart system.

Shopping Cart Pusher

The shopping cart pusher attaches to the back of the line of shopping carts and can push up to 50 shopping cats. The operator attaches the shopping cart pusher to the back of the line of shopping carts, he then stands at the front of the train of carts with one hand steering the line of carts and the other hand using a remote control device that operates the shopping cart system.

The motorized cart pushes the line of shopping carts from behind, following the direction that the operator steers as he guides them from the front. Once he gets to the front of the retail store, he heads back out to the parking lot with the shopping cart mover to collect more carts.
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