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Our Goal

Provide Cart Pusher and Cart Puller solutions for material handling situations
that are ergonomically correct, safe and cost effective.

Here at DJProducts, Inc. we specialize in finding solutions that either:
1) Eliminate the strains and pains of manually pushing or pulling heavy carts, equipment, or materials.
2) Are less costly, smaller, and more maneuverable then traditional equipment used for moving carts and equipment; like forktrucks, walkies,
or riding tugs.

All of our products are battery powered "walk-behind" cart pusher or cart puller units, allowing better control by the operator, even in tight, difficult spaces. Because of this operating flexibility, they can be used in more applications than standard material handling equipment. This means that operators use our equipment more frequently, reducing the injuries that come from manually moving heavy carts and equipment, and eliminating the use of a more costly and cumbersome piece of equipment designed for a different material handling task.

Please take the time to find a specific product on our website, or call our Sales Engineers for a recommendation on your proper solution. Our Sales Engineer will also be happy to explore custom applications where our base cart pusher or cart puller units match primary criteria.

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