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CartCaddyLH Electric Tug


The CartCaddyLH is a battery powered electric tug designed to push and pull heavy carts and wheeled equipment 10,000 to 50,000lbs.

The CartCaddyLH electric tug is the heavier duty upgrade to the CartCaddy electric tug. The electric mover has enough power to push or pull almost anything on wheels.

The CartCaddyLH electric tug has enough pusher power to produce a total of approximately 900 lbs. of tow bar.

The CartCaddyLH electric tug achieves traction to push or pull a load by either adding steel to the inside of the CartCaddy™ or by transferring wieght from the cart of the wheels of the electric tug. Weight transfer can be accomplished in two ways, with the electric lift kit, or pushing with the angled push pad. Some loads require a combination of both.

Higher amperage controllers are available to further increase the CartCaddyLH's motorized pushers power for more demanding cart pushing and pulling applications.


The CartCaddyLH electric tug is less bulky than the traditional equipment which results in fewer accidents and lower maintenance costs. The easy maneuvering of teh product reduces damage to surrounding parts and equipment.

The CartCaddyLH electric tug is ergonomically designed to prevent the strains and pains often associated with manually pushing and pulling heavy carts and equipment. The use of the CartCaddyLH cart mover minimizes the risk of injury, which in turn reduces the overall number of workman's compensation and insureance claims.

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Standard Features
• Heavy Duty, Powder Coated Steel Frame
• 1500 lb. Dual Motor/Transaxle
• 2 High Tech Speed Controller
• Neutral Throttle Braking
• Adjustable Acceleration/Braking
• 36v (3) 15 amp Sealed Batteries
• 0-3 mph Forward/Reverse
• 4 Non-Marking Foam Filled Tires

• Safety Stop Switch
• Battery Gauge
• On-Board Automatic Charger

Optional Features
• Push Pad
• 5th Wheel Mounting Kit, includes 2 5/16" Ball
• 1200 lbs. of Steel for Extra Traction
• 2 Higher Output Controllers
• Safety Light
• Safety Horn


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