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CartCaddy: Truck Movers

DJ Products, Inc. is the world leader in manufacturing powered tugs and truck movers to manufacturing plants, hospitals, and retail establishments. With our powered movers, we work to eliminate the aches and pains that are normally connected to pushing heavy wheeled equipment manually. DJ Products provides solutions that are less costly, more effective, and more maneuverable then traditional equipment, such as ergonomically unsafe forklifts and pallet jacks.

We often provide truck moving solutions to major heavy truck manufacturers who want to push their vehicles down assembly lines. Prior to implementing our units, the manufacturers often use assembly technicians to push the vehicles from station to station. This pushing puts the workers at risk for back and neck injuries, making the use of our truck pushers a smart choice for your facility.  The pushers have a customized angled push pad for pushing against the back bumper of heavy vehicles and trucks, and using the movers, one operator can easily and without any risk of injury push any vehicle, regardless of its size or weight, down an assembly line.

For more detailed information on the truck movers, including pictures and video on the solution that can solve your application, please visit the CarCaddy web page.


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