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CartCaddyLite: Linen Cart Pushers

DJ Products, Inc. is the world leader in providing cart pushers to the manufacturing, hospital, and retail industries. We provide moving solutions that greatly reduce the strains and pains that manually pushing linen carts and hospital beds causes.

Employees that push these heavy carts are a part of an aging workforce, so ergonomics and safety are a top concern. Overexerting the body when moving linen carts can cause injuries and become very costly to employers. The CartCaddyLite linen cart pushers are ergonomically safe equipment movers, and when the units are used for prevention, the CartCaddyLite movers can easily pay for themselves almost immediately.

The cart pushers can easily maneuver linen carts up to 1500 lbs. in tight areas, such as a narrow hospital hallway. Each unit has a variable speed twist grip, allowing the operator to travel up to 3 mph forward or backward. The CartCaddyLite has a compact 24-volt motor that is powered by two 12- volt batteries. The cart pushers can function for an entire shift without recharging.

Please view the CartCaddyLite video to see a short demonstration of a CartCaddyLite maneuvering a large cart in a hospital. You can also view pictures of solutions that relate to the pushing of heavy linen carts, food carts, hospital beds, and other hospital supplies.


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