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Power Pusher: CartCaddyLite Shorty

The CartCaddyLite Shorty power pusher is a battery powered tug designed with enough power to maneuver carts though confined environments where tight maneuverability is of a huge concern.

This power pusher is the smallest, most maneuverable tug available on the market, but the power pusher is still powerful enough to handle most push or pull applications.

This power pusher has the power for applications involving a wide variety of cart types including dollies, hand trucks, linen carts, hospital carts, maintenance carts, and hospital beds. The CartCaddyLite Shorty power pusher also has the ability to maneuver easily in extremely tight spaces.

More common applications of the power pusher include hospital carts, laundry carts, maintenance carts, or parts carts. These types of carts typically are less than 1500 lbs and are generally maneuvered manually. Due to the nature of these carts' uses, they are often maneuvered by elderly employees. If our battery powered pusher is used, risks of fatigue and injury to valuable workers can be reduced.


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