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Carts pushed or pulled in a straight line, no turning required

Cart Pushers

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WagonWheel style turning

Cart Tuggers

Equipment Pullers

Power Tuggers

Platform Trucks and Scissors Lifts

Dolly Movers

Electric Carts

Motorized Platform Trucks
Powered Carts
Powered Lift Tables

Powered Platform Carts

Pushing and Pulling Trailers that require lifting on one end

Tow Tractors

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About Us

Ergo Calc


Battery powered tug for pushing cars, trucks, buses, campers, or anything on wheels.
Compact battery powered tug prevents strains and pains associated with pushing or pulling heavy food carts.
PartsCaddy eliminates strains and pains from pushing heavy materials, food and linen supplies.
Heavy-duty, battery powered cart for moving equipment, materials, and parts.
Tow Tugs easily attach to wheeled loads that don't have tow arms.
New CartCaddyHD pulls and pushes loads up to 50,000 lbs.
Stainless steel version of cart pusher/puller.
Battery powered tug for moving standard ball coupler, gooseneck, and kingpin trailers and trailer equipment.
TrailerCaddy pulls cannons for prime government contractor.
Battery powered device for lifting and maneuvering heavy test weights, dies, and equipment.
CartCaddy pushes heavy vehicles down an assembly line.
CartCaddy pushes heavy rolls of paper in paper roll industry.
CartCaddyLite prevents strains and pains associated with pushing or pulling heavy hospital beds.
CartCaddyShorty solves ergonomic problem of pushing heavy meat carts in food process plant.
Major car manufacturer uses CartCaddy to maneuver door panels into robotic jig fixtures.

DJ Products’ Auto Movers push and maneuver stalled vehicles on an assembly line.

Power Trailer Movers have pushing and pulling power to move heavy trailers and equipment.

Use DJ Products' Boat Trailer Movers to move your boats and equipment.

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