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CartCaddy: Stainless Steel Cart Movers

The CartCaddy, manufactured by DJProducts, Inc., is a small, maneuverable, battery-powered tug for pushing and pulling heavy carts and wheeled equipment. The cart movers are designed to prevent the strains and pains employees suffer when manually pushing and pulling carts in distribution and manufacturing environments. DJ Products introduced their stainless steel model for food and pharmaceutical companies, as well as all other companies that have applications in sterile environments where paint or powder coatings are prohibited. The stainless steel unit can now reduce the risk of potential strain and pain in these facilities as well.

Injuries due to overexerting the body can become very costly to employers, who have to pay for workers' compensation and insurance claims. Cost-conscious ergonomic safety equipment, like the CartCaddy stainless steel cart movers, when used for prevention, can often pay for itself almost immediately.

The CartCaddy cart pusher's variable speed twist grip allows the unit to easily manipulate carts up to 15,000 lbs. in tight, enclosed areas. With its compact, 36-volt motor being powered by three 12-volt batteries, the unit can move carts without recharging for an entire shift.

For more detailed information on the stainless steel cart movers, along with pictures and a video of the solution that could solve your application, please visit the CartCaddy.


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