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CartCaddy5WP: Tow Tugs

DJ Products, Inc. manufactures battery powered carts and tow tugs to manufacturing plants, hospitals, and retail establishments. Manually moving heavy carts and wheeled equipment is simplified greatly when using one of DJ Products' tow tugs.

The CartCaddy5WP tugs are one of several units DJ Products constructs that can easily attach to all types of heavy carts and equipment. Even carts with equipment overhanging the framework of the cart can be easily affixed to the CartCaddy5WP tow tugs, eliminating the need to install expensive tow arms or receivers. The CartCaddy5WP tug's custom attachment on the front reaches underneath the material and grabs the frame of the cart. Once attached, one worker can use a tow tug to easily and safely push, pull, and maneuver any load.

The compact ergonomic design of the CartCaddy5WP enables the tug to maneuver carts through tight areas, such as hallways and aisles. The tow tug's powerful 36-volt motor can push or pull loads from 2,500 lbs. up to 50,000 lbs.

For more detailed information on the tow tugs, along with pictures and video, visit the CartCaddy5WP web page.


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