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Battery Powered Carts for the Manufacturing Industry

Powered Platform Carts, Trailer Movers, Cart Pullers, Electric Tugs

In most manufacturing or distribution environments, the material handling process can be solved by the palletizing of products, parts, or equipment, and then using forked equipment to distribute the palleted product throughout the facility.  In manufacturing plants, problems can be solved with wheeled loads by using carts or wheeled equipment for the transportation of products.

Two common reasons for using wheeled loads and carts are:

  • It's easier and faster to manipulate a load on a rolling rack or cart for better part access or when swapping it with a full rack.
  • Many finished products or input materials are not suitable for palletizing. These products are either oddly shaped or too fragile to allow stacking. Examples of manufacturers with many types of carts and rolling loads are window, door, and lumber manufacturers, or automotive assemblers and manufacturers.

Carts and equipment that require turning (usually have swivel casters)

Cart Movers Electric Tugs Cart Pullers Motorized Carts
The Battery Powered Cart Movers can push or pull carts and equipment up to 50,000 lbs.
Our Electric Tugs push or pull carts with swivel casters from 3,000 to 10,000 lbs.
The Cart Pullers can push or pull carts with swivel casters up to 5,000 lbs.
These Motorized Carts push or pull wagon wheel style carts and can be used as electric tuggers.
Carts or Machinery being pushed in a straight line (usually pushes or pulls equipment or machinery on a rail and in a straight line)
Powered Pushers Power Movers Equipment Pushers Cart Tuggers
Powered Pushers push or pull carts and equipment on a rail or in a straight line.
Car, Truck, and Bus Power Movers can push machinery down an assembly line or stalled vehicles in a parking lot.
CartCaddy w/ Rollers
Our Equipment Pushers can push rolls, materials or large wheels. They can be used as a powered tug.
Cart Tuggers are used on carts or trailers that have a pintle or ball coupler style tow arms and are used as powered tuggers.
Motorized Carts, Scissors Lifts, and Trailer Movers
Powered Trucks Powered Carts Powered Lift Tables Trailer Pushers & Trailer Pullers
Powered Trucks are powered electric carts that haul loads from 800 to 4000 lbs. We customize the trucks to any shape and size to fit your needs.
These Powered Platform Carts work great for hauling up to 2000 lbs. for indoor and outdoors applications.
The Powered Lift Tables are motorized scissors lifts and can
be used as a powered mobile lift table platform truck.
Trailer Pushers and Trailer Pullers can push, pull, or maneuver heavy boat and equipment trailers, as well as RV's.
Electric Tractors Motorized Cart  
Electric Tractor is designed for the operator to ride along as the tug pulls heavy equipment carts up to 6 mph.
Motorized Cart hauls loads from 800 to 4000 lbs

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