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These car pushers help to solve applications where no turning is required or an operator will turn the wheels while a powered unit pushes from behind, as in the case of pushing a bus, car, or tractor down an assembly line. Other applications could include pushing a cart along a rail into a kiln or pulling a truck into a repair garage. The electric lift hitch on the front attaches firmly to the cart, so the powered pusher stops the wheeled load from continuing the toll. It also helps in attaching to the cart when pulling along the rail. Rollers on the front help push rolls in paper manufacturing facilities.

Power Movers Powered Pushers Equipment Pushers
The CarCaddy Power Movers can push or pull stalled trucks, cars, buses, or vehicles down an assembly line.
Use the Powered Pushers to push or pull equipment or carts along an assembly line with slow, smooth acceleration and control. Electric braking slows and stops the load.
CartCaddy with Rollers
Equipment Pushers can push rolls, materials, or large wheels. Customized roller solutions are available for all round loads that need pushing and maneuvering with control.

Our motorized trailer movers are electric carts designed for pushing or pulling trailers that require lifting on one end before maneuvering. Most common applications for this trailer puller are the moving of campers, equipment trailers, and boats. These wheeled trailers usually are pulled with a vehicle on a highway. However when these trailers are being manufactured or need to be pushed or pulled a short distance, the trailer pushers provide smooth acceleration and control while the electric brake slows and stops the load. This reduces possible injuries from manually pushing the trailer and eliminating the need for a bulky fork truck or a riding piece of equipment.

Trailer Pushers & Pullers Trailer Movers Tow Tractors
This TrailerCaddy Trailer Pushers and Pullers include a lifting kit for tongues on bumper pull trailers, RV's, and goosenecks.
Use the TrailerCaddy Trailer Movers to push or pull heavy trailers in a dealership or down an assembly line.
The RiderCaddy Tow Tractors are designed for the operator to ride along as the tug pulls heavy equipment up to six miles per hour.


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