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Shopping Cart Retrievers

Shopping cart retrievers are labor-saving devices that can gather and recycle shopping carts. Traditionally, collecting shopping carts in a retail operation consists of part-time employees toiling with hard work, aches, pains, and injuries, and they are doing so in weather conditions that range from 40 degrees below zero to 110 degrees above in rain, sleet, snow, and sun.

The task of retrieving shopping carts from parking lots is one of the most disliked tasks in a retail store. Cart pushing employees know there are many other jobs that provide better working environments and much less strenuous work at the same wage as their own job. The hard work and drudgery can easily be eliminated when using a shopping cart retrieving system.

Shopping Cart Pushers

Shopping cart pushers attach to the back of the line of shopping carts and can each move up to fifty shopping carts. The operator attaches the shopping cart pusher to the back of the line of shopping carts, then stands at the front of the train of carts steering the line of carts and using a remote control device that operates the shopping cart system.

The motorized carts push the line of shopping carts from behind, following the direction that the operator steers. Once he or she gets to the front of the retail store, the worker is free to head back out to the parking lot with the shopping cart mover to collect more carts.

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