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Electric Tugs

CartCaddy5WP Electric Tugs


Applications for Electric Tugs

Designed to push, pull, and maneuver carts and equipment, our CartCaddy5WP electric tugs can solve your workplace's cart moving applications. CartCaddy5WP electric tugs and CartCaddy5W tugs solve the same types of applications, but the CartCaddy5WP tugs have a greater weight over the drive tires to provide increased traction for heavier loads. The most common application is the cart with two front swivel casters and two straight casters. The CartCaddy5WP tugs attach to the swivel castered end and provide the electric pushing and pulling power necessary for easy turning and intricate maneuvering.  Our electric tugs have enough power to push or pull almost any heavy cart, regardless of the type of equipment.

Heavy cart pushing tasks are common for those employees who operate without CartCaddy5WP electric tugs. These tasks may require anywhere from 1-6 employees and can seriously risk the safety of the workers. Our CartCaddy5WP tugs eliminate the possibility of being injured while manually pushing these carts and simultaneously reduce the number of employees needed to accomplish the task, drastically increasing productivity.

Benefits of Electric Tugs

The ergonomically designed CartCaddy5WP electric tugs prevent the strains and pains often associated with manually pushing and pulling heavy carts and equipment. The use of the CartCaddy5WP tugs minimizes any risk of injury, which consequently reduces the overall number of workers' compensation and insurance claims filed. According to OSHA, disorders that are related to work tasks, such as tendinitis and back pain, account for $20 billion in workers' compensation costs each year, as well as over one-third of all lost workday injuries.

Our CartCaddy5WP electric tugs increase overall productivity, as heavy carts that had previously required multiple operators to move them can be negotiated by a single employee using our tug. By reducing the drudgery of physical labor for their employees, companies also receive the benefit of improved morale. This morale boost decreases employee turnover and improves overall job performance.

Our tugs have a variable speed twist grip for forward and reverse directions from 0-3 mph, preventing carpal tunnel and allowing the operator to maintain smooth control while he or she intricately maneuvers the tug's load. The CartCaddy5WP electric tugs have the ability to move up to 3 mph, which prevents the often frustrating scenario of working with slowly moving equipment. The safety stop switch positioned at the back of the handle bar box immediately stops the tug when depressed, which prevents any possible injury from operating the device, a vital feature when buying any piece of electrical machinery.

The customized tug attachment and electric lift option eliminate the need to fabricate multiple attachments for each cart or piece of equipment your facility has. The CartCaddy5WP tug's arm lowers and rises allowing it to attach firmly to the bottom of any cart. After the arm is attached firmly to your carts or equipment, the unit can pivot 180 degrees under the arm, which allows the worker to turn the CartCaddy5WP electric equipment puller without jackknifing your cart.

To find out how you can utilize CartCaddy electric tugs at your facility for free before having to decide to make a purchase, as well as other information, click here for an Electric Tugs Demonstration.

Standard Electric Tugs Features
• Tubular Steel Frame
• 1500 lb. Differential transaxle
• High Tech Speed Controller
• Neutral Throttle Braking
• Adjustable Acceleration/Braking
• 36v (3) 15 amp Batteries
• Variable Speed Twist Grip

• 0-3 mph Forward/Reverse
• Non-Marking Tires
• Battery Gauge
• Automatic Electric Charger

Optional Electric Tugs Features
• 5th Wheel Arm
• Custom Attachment
• Safety Stop Switch and Guard Kit
• Maintenance or Gel Cell Batteries
• Safety Horn
• Safety Light
• Dual Wheels
• Built-in Battery Charge
• High Output Controller
• Dual Wheel Kit
• Dual Motor Drive Kit

Electric Tugs

Electric Tugs Features:

The CartCaddy5WP electric tugs come standard with a 36-volt system, three 12-volt batteries, designed to give the operator 8 hours of continuous use before recharging, plenty of battery life to last an entire shift.

Our tugs have a variable speed electric twist grip for forward and reverse directions up to 3 mph. The ergonomically correct variable speed feature prevents carpal tunnel and allows the operator to intricately maneuver the load while maintaining control over the cart. The tug can move quickly enough to keep up with the operator, avoiding any frustration that can come from using a slow-moving machine.

To prevent any injury from operating the tug, a safety stop switch is positioned at the back of the handle bar box immediately, stopping the machine when depressed. When purchasing any piece of equipment, the safety stop feature is a must.

The electric lift option and customized attachment prevent your business from having to fabricate multiple attachments on everyone of your carts or equipment. The CartCaddy5WP tug's arm lowers and rises and attaches firmly to the bottom of your cart. Weight is transferred from your cart to the front drive wheels of the electric CartCaddy5WP for better traction when moving your load.

Our CartCaddy5WP electric tugs are designed to easily maneuver and pivot your loads. The unit can pivot a full 180 degrees under the arm once the arm is attached firmly to the carts or equipment. This feature allows your loads to be turned a full 90 degrees without jackknifing your cart or manually turning the front of your cart.

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