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Tow TractorsRiderCaddy Tow Tractors

Applications for Tow Tractors

The RiderCaddy tow tractors are designed to push, pull, and maneuver carts or equipment that require turning. The most common application is the cart with two front swivel and two straight casters. The RiderCaddy dolly tow tractors attach to the swivel caster end and provides the pushing and pulling necessary for intricate maneuvering. These carts can carry a variety of items, but regardless of the equipment or parts on the carts being pulled or pushed, our tow tractors have the power to move them.

Benefits for Tow Tractors

One main benefit of using the RiderCaddy tow tractors is to prevent the aches and pains associated with pushing and pulling heavy carts, equipment trailers, or racks. These strains are a result of overexerting the body when moving heavy carts from their location to another. When RiderCaddy electric tow tractors are used for these unique tasks, pains and strains are minimized, which reduces workers' compensation and insurance claims. According to OSHA's ergonomic standards proposal, work-related musculoskeletal disorders, such as lower back pain, cost businesses about $20 billion in workers' compensation costs each year.

To maneuver carts and equipment short distances, many businesses use tow trucks and bulky riding tugs. If these companies were to implement RiderCaddy tow tractors, they would experience huge space savings. The RiderCaddy battery powered tow tractors also cost up to one-fifth of the traditional pieces of equipment, such as electric tugs, walkies, and forklifts. Customers can free up other pieces of equipment for their intended purposes by buying RiderCaddy electric tow tractors to move their heavy loads. The RiderCaddy tractors are involved in fewer accidents because they are less bulky and give the operator more control than traditional products. The tow tractors' maneuverability also helps to lower routine maintenance costs.

Standard Tow Tractors Features
• Formed Steel Tow Tractors Frame
• 3000 lb. Differential Transaxle
• High Tech Speed Controller
• Neutral Throttle Braking
• Adjustable Acceleration/Braking
• Variable Speed Thumb Twist Grips

• 0-6 mph Forward/ 0-2 mph Reverse
• Non-Marking Foam Filled Tires
• Battery Discharge Indicator
• Automatic Onboard Charger

• Safety Horn
• 36v(3) 115 Amp Maintenance-Free Batteries

Optional Tow Tractors Features
• 5th Wheel Arm Bracket

• Spring Hitch

• Electric Lift Kit (with bushing arm)
• Custom Attachment for Tow Tractors
• Pintle Hitch
• Ball Hitch
• Push Pad

Tow Tractors Dimensions


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