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Trailer Pusher PullersTrailerCaddy Trailer Pushers and Pullers

Applications for Trailer Pushers and Pullers

The TrailerCaddy motorized trailer pullers are motorized haulers designed for pushing or pulling trailers that require lifting on one end before maneuvering. The most common applications for these battery powered trailer pushers are the moving of campers, equipment trailers, and boats. These wheeled trailers are typically pulled with a vehicle down a highway. However, when these trailers are being manufactured or need to be pushed or pulled short distances in a show room or at a trade show, using the TrailerCaddy pushers and pullers is the perfect solution.

Benefits for Trailer Pushers and Pullers

To prevent the strains and pains associated with pushing or pulling heavy trailers, motor homes, boats, and carts, your facility can use the TrailerCaddy trailer pushers and pullers. Injuries can often result from overextending the body while manually lifting and moving these heavy trailers from one location to another. When our TrailerCaddy trailer pushers are used for these tasks, pains and strains are minimized, vastly reducing insurance and worker's compensation claims.

Some companies use expensive fork trucks, walkies, and riding tugs to maneuver carts and equipment over a short distance. These companies experience a huge cost and space savings when they implement the TrailerCaddy trailer pullers to replace the more expensive equipment. Compared to their traditional electric tugs or forklifts, the TrailerCaddy battery-powered trailer pushers and pullers are one-half to one-fifth the cost. Customers can also begin using the other pieces of equipment for their intended uses after purchasing TrailerCaddy trailer movers.

To find out how your facility can utilize TrailerCaddy trailer pushers and pullers before having to decide to make a purchase, click here to sign up for the Trailer Pushers and Pullers Demonstration.

Standard Trailer Pushers Features
• Tubular Steel Pushers and Pullers Frame
• 1500 lb. Differential Transaxle
• High Tech Speed Controller
• Neutral Throttle Braking
• Adjustable Acceleration/Braking
• 36v (3) 115 amp Batteries
• Variable Speed Twist Grip

• 0-3 mph Forward/Reverse
• Non-Marking Tires
• Battery Gauge
• Automatic Charger

Optional Trailer Pullers Features
• Heavy Duty Power Kit: Includes: Dual Motors and Wheels, Power Steering, Two High Output Controllers
• 5th Wheel Trailer Lift KIt

• King Pin
Attachment for Pushers and Pullers
• Foam Filled Tires (Set)
• Safety Stop Switch and Guard Kit
• Flashing Light
• Internal Charger
• Sealed Batteries
• Safety Horn

Trailer Pushers Pullers Dimensions


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